US Biologicals partnered with Glycoselect to bring RPL lectins to life science researchers

US Biological to bring GlycoSeLect RPL lectins to life science researchers

GlycoSeLect Ltd is delighted to announce that its innovative recombinant prokaryotic lectins, RPLs for glycoprotein separation, characterisation and analysis are now available from United States Biological. The Salem, Mass. based company is a primary brand for the Life Science industry and a go-to supplier for value, integrity and customer service.

GlycoSeLect’s CEO Robert Dunne said that “US Biological is an ideal partner to bring RPL lectins to glycoprotein researchers across the life science industry. Our RPL products have a focus on value by reducing the cost of analyses, and we like to help our customers with their separation and analytical challenges”

US Biological CEO Warren Shore stated that “Lectins are incredibly useful specialty proteins that have applications throughout Biotechnology. There has previously been a scarcity of strong supply and support, and we are incredibly excited to partner with GlycoSeLect to bring their new products to existing markets as well as develop new applications. United States Biological can immediately offer these new Lectins throughout our marketing channels of more than 100 distributors in most countries”.

About GlycoSelect Ltd

GlycoSeLect Ltd develops innovative technologies for the analysis, characterisation and purification of biopharmaceuticals. These next-generation products are highly specific for glycan structures improving product development and improving the cost-efficiency of their manufacturing. GlycoSeLect specialises in the development of proteins based on recombinant prokaryotic lectins RPLs. Our RPL products advance efficient detection, analysis and selective isolation of glycosylated pharmaceutical products. GlycoSeLect’s family of RPLs products are associated with market-leading properties, including high affinity for glycan targets, high sensitivity of detection, high stability and robustness in process development.

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