RPLs can be used in a wide array of formats to enable simple and fast detection, analysis and isolation of intact glycosylated biomolecules.


Our RPLs can be easily integrated into a wide range of analytical platforms and have multiple applications, from product development to production. The diversity of solid support matrices that RPLs can be immobilized on and the easy scalability of their production, allows huge flexibility in glycoselective bioaffinity-based purification, even for large scale use.

Diagnostic & Research

RPLs provide a great tool for identification of novel glycan-based biomarkers and present an opportunity for new diagnostic approaches. They can also be used for the detection and analysis of glycans in situ, for the purposes of cell identification, and the classification of microorganisms or other infectious agents.

Food Industry

RPLs can be used to extract valuable glycoproteins from food industry raw material streams.


Glycans play an important role in maintaining the structure and health of the skin. RPLs represent useful tools for studying the glycobiology of the skin. They can be used as biochemical reagents in a wide range of assay formats or integrated into analytical platforms to enable the detection and analysis of glycosylated biomolecules.

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