Dr Krista Witte

Dr. Witte received her Ph.D in Chemistry from Scripps Research Institute in carbohydrate chemistry and was a Jane Coffin Childs Research Fellow at UC Berkeley in cancer research. In 2004 Krista was part of the founding team for Fortebio. She is an inventor on numerous patents for the label-free interferometry technology on which the company was based. Over her decade with Fortebio she managed teams of engineers and scientists to develop a successful product line of 7 instruments and 20+ biosensors. In 2012 Pall Corporation purchased Fortebio and she assumed the additional responsibility for the R&D of the Pall Genedisc QPCR line.

Prior to Fortebio, Dr. Witte was an early employee at Zyomyx and developed an advanced protein microarray instrument and consumable. Krista Witte is currently serving as advisor to several early stage companies including GlycoSelect and Digihelix.