Dr. Muhammad Safwan Akram

Dr. Muhammad Safwan Akram is a Principal Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Biological & Process Engineering at the School of Health & Life Sciences of Teesside University. He has previously worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of the Punjab, Lahore, in Pakistan. Safwan obtained his PhD in AnalyticalBiotechnology from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, where he also did his post-doctoral research developing low-cost diagnostics. Prior to that, he completed his M. Phil in Bioscience Enterprise under the auspices of Cambridge/MIT Partnership. His work has been published in reputed journals like Nature Biotechnology, Lab on a Chip & Annual Reviews of Analytical Chemistry. He has been awarded the Medimmune Award and CambridgeSens Innovative Idea award for research excellence. He provides consultancy to venture capital funds, biotech and pharma companies. Safwan was voted by the students to win the university-wide Star award for most outstanding teaching. He is also an Associate Director for the National Horizons Centre, state of the art proteomics, genomics, imaging and fermentation facility developed by Teesside University.