Dr Prathima Acharya

Prathima is passionate about development and access of medicines to patients globally, and has stayed committed to this effort starting with her education (in pharmacy and PhD in protein chemistry) and her drug development career that spans over twenty years with experience in CMC for biologics (PoC, development/manufacturing) leading to IND/BLA filings.

Prathima is currently an independent consultant working with biotech companies. She has an eye for connecting innovation through structured alliances resulting in asset creation and solving pain points in the biotech industry. One example being when she identified the potential of RPLs as capture resins for highly glycosylated molecules such as HIV gp120 envelope proteins and was instrumental in establishing an alliance with KBI Biopharma to establish PoC with their development teams. This work was presented at the HIV envelope workshop conducted by the NIH, Rockville, MD, USA (2nd Env Manufacturing Workshop, Sep 15, 2016) and the work is on-going.​

Previously, Prathima was a key strategic member of the executive team at KBI Biopharma and under her leadership as the Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Business Development officer, the BD team achieved a four-fold increase in total annual signed proposals representing a 57% CAGR during this period. Prathima’s previous roles include senior positions at Schering Plough/Diosynth/BioPontis Alliance/Covance. She has presentated at several national and international conferences and currently serves on the Board of Directors for CureSearch for Children’s cancer.