RPL lectins and GLYcoPROFILE® are relevant in glyco-molecules purification

GlycoSeLect’s CEO, Robert Dunne, met the team from our partner GLYcoDiag, a leading applied glycoanalysis company, to review trends in glycoprotein analysis and purification.

Early in 2020, GlycoSeLect strengthened its partnership with GLYcoDiag to distribute its RPL lectins products. Since then, both companies have been working together to further integrate and complement their technologies.

“GLYcoDiag uses GlycoSelect RPL’s lectins as valuable tools within its GLYcoPROFILE® platform. The narrow specificities of these lectins are relevant to complete the range of lectins already used in GLYcoDiag’s services”, explained Benoît Roubinet, Research and Development Manager at GLYcoDiag.

“Moreover, the GLYcoPROFILE® technology from GLYcoDiag is intended to determine ‘glycan signatures’ and identify the more specific and highest avidity between the lectins and the target molecule or particle. This strategy allows fast selection of the right lectin for the corresponding purification process development (lectin affinity chromatography) and in this context, RPLs lectins are the best choice (reliability, functionality, specificity)”, added Dr Roubinet.

“I would like to thank Benoît Roubinet, R&D Manager at GLYcoDiag, for his summary of the synergies between our two innovative companies, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future”, said Mr Dunne.

About GlycoSelect Ltd

GlycoSeLect Ltd is an early-stage biotechnology company developing proprietary innovative and cost-efficient solutions for the analysis, characterisation and purification of pharmaceutical products. Spun-out from Dublin City University in 2013, GlycoSeLect specialises in the development of RPLs; proteins that enable the more efficient detection, analysis and selective isolation of glycosylated biomolecules. GlycoSeLect established a UK based subsidiary in 2015 to support further development, provide wider geographic reach and drive commercialisation.

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